25-26 July, 2018 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Ari Athanasapoulos

Head of Property
ANZ Banking Group

11:00 AM ANZ Home

ANZ Home is a hub for home loans and other home related products and services. What sets it apart from other branches, is the design, layout and location, designed to emulate a home-setting, with a lounge, kitchen and patio. They have moved away from conventional, non-central locations within shopping centres, to the middle of retail areas, particularly within home ware sections, in a bid to increase customer comfort levels by recreating their aspirations within the branch. The branch has been developed from Human Centred Design principles and ANZ Digital Branch strategy. This site tour will walk us through the signature ANZ home branch.

The tour will focus on:

  • Shifting from a transactional to a collaborative interaction with a your customers
  • Educating your staff to become multi-skilled from segmented roles
  • Addressing the educational function of branches to build retention: Educating customers on products and services
  • The thought process behind design and layout

12:10 PM Re-Imagining How Customers Interact with a Physical Branch: The Learnings from Digital Branch Version 1 and the Journey to Digital Branch Version 2

A branch can no longer be viewed as a space for transactions, it is an essential touch point that provide a critical opportunity to interact and educate your customers. Human Centred Design principles are important to creating a comfortable space for your customers.
Digital Branch Version 1 was developed for this reason. Heavily focused of technology to enhance the customer experience. It also experimented with different lay-outs including side-by-side desks. This session will delve into the lessons learned from DBV1 and the journey to SVB2 include the impact on operating model and staff.

  • Leading the shift from a transactional relationship to a collaborative relationship with your customer
  • Unlocking comfort levels for a great customer experience: Achieving this through layout, technology, operating model and staff training
  • Case Study: The Evolution of ANZ home

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Ari.

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